Personal life

Are you someone who has high expectations of themselves, likes to give to others and tends to put your needs last?

Do you tend to think you can manage on your own and/or don’t really like to ask for help?
(We might struggle to ask for help, thinking that we should be able to manage on our own, whilst also perhaps imagining that there may not be anyone out there who could help us in just the way we need it.)

As small infants, we come into this world with a direct connection to the heart, yet as we grow up, we grow more and more distant from our true selves and our path.
We often imagine that we should be different or other than we are.

In understanding and accepting our true nature, and giving ourselves permission to be who we truly are, listening to our heart, we can contribute fully to creating a better world.

Learn how to put yourself at the centre of your life, get to know yourself, find compassion for yourself and confidence in who you are. Become your very own hero!

Anna’s unique kind and gentle style of coaching was perfect for me. She knows how to adapt to the needs of the moment with flexibility and authentic integrity. Her coaching helped me through a difficult period of my life, by enabling me to see more clearly and to share my thoughts and feelings in a safe space. Anna is passionate and effective at bringing out the best of people; this is really evident in the relationship she establishes with others.

Fabienne, Archeologist