Improve your relationships, overcome conflicts and create a harmonious connection

The quality of our life is intimately connected to the quality of our relationships. When we bring more harmony to them, we find more peace within.

I work with people who are seeking to improve their relationship with a colleague or loved one, be it an intimate partner, a parent, child. 
Our family relations are often the most challenging and yet the richest opputunity for growth. We all experience conflict and difficulty in relationship at times, but sometimes we realise that it is becoming a stumbling block to our relationship and we need to give it our serious attention.

It may be that you are arguing but avoiding important conversations, or feel invisible or unable to stand up for yourself?

I work with you to transform a conflictual relationship and help you navigate your way to finding the love and connection you are truly seeking.

Anna warmly welcomed me in her beautiful place of work. It is a magical, peaceful space. Her kind support helped me to bring order to all aspects of my life: the emotional, professional and personal realm.

I recommend her to you. Go for it! Her skills are rich and varied.

Helene, Teacher