Success stories

Professional life

With Anna’s support and understanding, I have at last been able to leave my job and start up my own business. There is light at the end of the tunnel! For anyone who is looking to understand why they are not moving forward as they wish to, and to find a way through, I recommend Anna without hesitation.

Rob, Entrepreneur

I discovered so many things about myself, and changed my life so very completely; I changed jobs and fell in love which brought joy to my heart. She was right beside me, and I was able to discover the very roots of my fears, my limits, and to overcome them, thanks to her skill and techniques. I really appreciated her empathy, her welcome of who I am.

Brigitte, Artist

Anna is a great coach! She exudes wisdom and has helped me immensely.
I was facing a number of professional challenges. However, after 6 months of coaching sessions with Anna, I am now so much calmer and have regained my confidence. Thank you Anna for listening and for the tools you were able to share with me to allow me to hold my own in my work place, be recognised for the skills I bring and be promoted!

Karen, Engineer


Personal life

Not only do I feel empowered to overcome adversity, but I also feel hopeful and excited for the future for the first time in a long time. Anna made me believe in myself once again and I will be forever grateful for that.

Keelin W, Marketing

Anna’s unique kind and gentle style of coaching was perfect for me. She knows how to adapt to the needs of the moment with flexibility and authentic integrity. Her coaching helped me through a difficult period of my life, by enabling me to see more clearly and to share my thoughts and feelings in a safe space. Anna is passionate and effective at bringing out the best of people; this is really evident in the relationship she establishes with others.

Fabienne, Archeologist


Anna’s skills are extensive. She helped me to completely transform my relationship with my mother. I now look forward to spending time with my her, which was certainly not the case beforehand and I am able to be myself when I’m with her! Many thanks to Anna.


Anna warmly welcomed me in her beautiful place of work. It is a magical, peaceful space. Her kind support helped me to bring order to all aspects of my life: the emotional, professional and personal realm.

I recommend her to you. Go for it! Her skills are rich and varied.

Helene, Teacher

I had the pleasure of working with Anna in her beautiful and serene workspace. Her approach as a coach is holistic and she knew how to adapt and respond to my needs with empathy and kindness.

I warmly recommend her!

Marie-Elisabeth, Masseuse

Anna provides a really safe space to explore challenging issues in my relationships with both family and colleagues. Even looking at the photo of your room, Anna, makes me feel calmer. Thank you!

Dr R. , Doctor

Anna is an amazing coach. Her intuition, clarity and brave championing of her client combine for powerful breakthroughs, held with heart-based care. I highly recommend her.

Claudia, Coach

She completely committed to me as a client and enabled me to see, feel and understand where I was and the issues that I was facing both internal and external.

Her unique insights, understanding and reframing allowed me to take new actions and practices in order to really move forward into the life that I now live.

The impact of Anna’s coaching has been very deep. it’s encompassed my whole life from health, to love, to work, to my family, I always come away with an insight and clarity that was not visible before.

She is not afraid to delve into the areas that need to be uncovered, keeping me in a safe space for something to release from within that I was not consciously aware of.

She has a lovely energy about her and great wisdom. She creates a really safe space where very quickly I feel I can talk about things I wouldn’t talk about with others.

Anna’s coaching has really helped me grow … I’m just a totally different person now!

Jag ,CEO


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Anna Harrison, life & business coach